Needing Additional Financial Support?

Struggling to pay your bill?

If you are having trouble paying your bills please speak to your service provider as soon as possible. Your service provider should be able to provide advice as well as offer you support.  It is also likely that they will be able to offer you a solution to help reduce your balance. 

For example, they might agree to help you by:

  • offering you a payment plan,
  • giving you more time to pay,
  • increasing your data or download limit, 
  • moving you to a contract or plan that suits your needs better

What to expect on a payment plan?

Your payment plan should include:

  •  an amount for what you currently use - this might be an estimate of your usage so its not always an entirely accurate picture. 

  • an amount that will go towards paying back what you owe

Please keep in mind that your provider might charge you additional fees if you miss a payment or pay late - Its always a good idea to contact your provider as soon as possible if you think you'll struggle to pay your bill on time. 

Where to turn if you need additional financial help: 

If you need further help the The Isle of Man government has some helpful information on how to manage your finances. Link to IOM Government 'Manage your Money' web page.  

In addition, you may also wish to speak to a debt advisor for advice and guidance on managing your finances. The Debt Counselling service is both free and confidential. 

You can contact the Debt Counselling Service through calling 686510 to speak to an advisor, or you can send the team an email at

At the bottom of this web page we have included a debt booklet created by the Office of Fair Trading. The booklet contains some extremely useful hints and tips on how to regain control of your finances.