Multi-Band Spectrum Licence Award – Information Memorandum Seminar

Published On:Friday, August 6, 2021


In connection with the Licence Award Process to facilitate the provision of services in the 700 MHz and 3.6 GHz Spectrum Bands, the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority is consulting on the Draft Information Memorandum for the award. The consultation outlines the Authority’s proposed Award Process and the associated Auction Rules. The consultation is available to view here.


As part of the consultation process the Authority is hosting a Virtual Seminar and Q&A session with regards to the Award Process and the Auction Rules on 24th August, 2-4pm. The Seminar will cover:

  • Presentation on:
    • Process for Interested Party to Participate In Award Process
    • How to become an Applicant; required criteria including monetary deposit requirements and application details
    • Bidding Process
    • Assessment of Applications; including requirements to become a Qualified Bidder
    • Process regarding Assignment of Spectrum to Successful Bidders
  • Response to questions received by the Authority
  • Open forum discussion


The Authority welcomes the submission of questions and clarification requests regarding the Award Process and/or Auction rules, these will be answered during the session, to be emailed to by 12.00 hours on 19/08/2021. Please note all questions received, and the Authority’s responses, will be published in an anonymised form on its website after the seminar.


Interested Parties that wish to attend the seminar, by video conference, must email by 12.00 hours on 19/08/2021, providing name(s), and email address(es) for invitations.