Documentation and Information on the Upcoming Spectrum Licence Award

Published On:Tuesday, January 4, 2022


In connection with the Licence Award Process to facilitate the provision of services in the 700MHz and 3.6GHz Spectrum Bands, the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority has today published:

  • Revised Spectrum Roadmap (R3) ( Publication Number 01/22); the updated version of the Authority’s Spectrum Roadmap is available to view here.
  • Information Notice (Publication Number 02/22) relating to the clarification on Deposit Payments in the Upcoming Licence Award; The full Information Notice can be found in the Publications Library or viewed here; and,
  • Response to Consultation on Multi Band Spectrum Award – Final Information Memorandum Annex 3 – Application Forms (Publication Number 03/22); document available to view and download here.