Struggling To Pay Your Bill?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and struggling to pay your bill on time. Please do not ignore the situation.

It is worth speaking to your mobile service provider as soon as possible as they maybe able to help.  

In order to avoid being disconnected; speak to your service provider immediately to ask about what support they maybe able to offer.

You can ask for more support from your mobile service provider. For example by; 

  • moving to a cheaper mobile phone package;
  • paying off the excess balance over a set period of time;
  • temporarily asking for a reduction in your monthly payments;
  • waiving part of the debt if you pay the remainder within a certain time;
  • changing the payment date or switching to direct debit;
  • selling your old mobile handset.

By speaking to your service provider this will also help to avoid the following from occurring :-

  • Avoid having your service disconnected. Please be aware that your operator may charge a reconnection fee and this must be paid on top of the debt owed.
  • As a disconnected customer you might also be treated as new customer and have to go through the credit-check process. This may have a negative impact on your credit score and your ability to get credit in future. 
  • If the bill remains unpaid, it is possible your operator may pass your debt onto a third party;
  • Restrictions being imposed on your account. For example, this could mean outgoing calls are restricted to emergency calls and calls to the provider only , your data allowance maybe removed or your service maybe disconnected if you continue to miss payments. 

Please Note - Your provider is not obliged to offer you any of these things, but if you explain your situation they may be willing to look at options with you.



Manx Telecom and Sure are there to provide you with support if your falling into arrears on your account. 


One of the ways they can support you is offer a payment plan to reduce your balance. A payment plan should include the following; 

  • an amount for what you currently use - this might be an estimate of your usage so its not always an entirely accurate picture. 

  • an amount that will go towards paying back what you owe


Please keep in mind that your provider might charge you additional fees if you miss a payment or pay late - Its always a good idea to contact your provider as soon as possible if you think you'll struggle to make a payment on time. 

If you need further help then the The Isle of Man government has helpful information on how best to manage your finances. 

Please visit the following link for advice and support

Alternatively you may wish to contact the Debt Counselling Service directly on its dedicated confidential phone line number 0808 1624080, or email to book an appointment and speak to an advisor.