Switching Broadband Provider

You can switch between any of the broadband providers using the Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) process which was introduced in 2017.

Please note that this process only applies when switching providers for copper or fibre broadband. If you are looking to switch to or from an alternative technology broadband, you should simply cancel the subscription you no longer require (after checking your contract end date) and resign with your chosen provider.

Before cancelling your contract, ensure that you are not still within your contract period as you could face early termination charges.

In addition, check that there are no outstanding payments, as your current broadband provider will probably want you to repay this before you switch.

Before switching your broadband service provider, you may wish to consider what services are on offer from each of the service providers and decide which package suits you best in terms of price and service offered.

It's important to note that switching broadband provider is free of charge.

The process to switch broadband services is as follows:

  1. Contact your current broadband provider, advise that you wish to cancel your broadband service and let them know which service provider you have chosen to move to. You can do this by email, letter, over the phone or in person. This authorisation should come from the account holder and there may be some additional security checks required by your current broadband provider at this point.
  2. Your current broadband provider will issue you with a MAC code and this should be within 2 working days of receipt of your request.
  3. The MAC will be valid for 30 days and should be provided to your chosen new broadband provider.
  4. The broadband migration will usually take place 5 working days after you issue the MAC to your chosen new broadband provider. If this date doesn’t suit you, you may request an alternative migration date.
  5. You can cancel the migration at any point up to the agreed migration date.

It's important to note that you should not encounter a loss in broadband service whilst carrying out a change in broadband service provider and your current broadband provider should not cease your broadband service on the basis of you requesting the MAC.

You should not feel pressured to remain with your current broadband provider when you have asked for the MAC.