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11/23: Information Notice - Interim Gas Tariff Review PDF 93.3KB Consumer Industry
10/23: Response To Consultation Modern Interface Leased Lines PDF 1.7MB Industry
09/23: Information Notice: Competition Guidelines Investigation Consultation. Deadline Extension PDF 146.2KB Industry
08/23: Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority Annual Work Plan 2023/2024 PDF 1.4MB Industry
Updated LO Forum Terms Of Reference March 2023 PDF 191KB Industry
07/23: Market Statistics Report For Q4 2022 PDF 2.2MB Industry
06/23: Manx Radio DAB Test And Trial Licence PDF 344.8KB Consumer Industry
05/23: Information Notice DAB Test Trial PDF 161.4KB Consumer Industry
14/21: (R1) Consultation Principles PDF 503KB Industry
04/23: Telecommunications Competition Investigation Guidelines For Consultation PDF 534.5KB Industry