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22/23: Information Notice: September 2023 Cost Of Debt And Working Capital FAQ PDF 509.6KB Consumer Industry
21/23: Cost Of Debt & Working Capital Consultation PDF 1.4MB Industry
20/23: Information Notice: Withdrawal of copper services from new supply in trial areas PDF 196.8KB Consumer Industry
19/23: Response To Consultation Competition Investigation Guidelines PDF 799.5KB Industry
Manx Telecom Response On Competition Investigation Guidelines For Consultation PDF 379.5KB Industry
18/23: Market Statistics Report Q1 2023 (R1) PDF 5.7MB Industry
17/23: Broadcast Licence Review Roadmap PDF 581.8KB Industry
16/23: Summary of Authority's Decision - Manx Radio Broadcast PDF 287.7KB Consumer Industry
15/23: Information Notice: Gas Tariff Review Query PDF 374.9KB Consumer Industry
14/23: Information Notice: Gas Tariff Review Update PDF 350KB Consumer Industry