Types of Broadband Available

Types of broadband

In the Isle of Man there are a number of ways that you can receive a broadband connection to your home. For example, you can receive a signal via:


Fibre broadband delivers broadband to your house over fibre optic cables which transmit the signal using light.

Fibre can be purchased without a phone line. 

Manx Telecom, Sure and Wi-Manx provide Fibre broadband.

Copper - No longer available if switching broadband provider or moving home. 

Copper broadband (ADSL or VDSL) services require that you have a working phone line.

The speeds you achieve on this type of broadband depend on how far you live from your telephone exchange.

Manx Telecom, Sure and Wi-Manx provide Copper broadband.


Satellite broadband connects to the internet via geostationary satellites.

Because of this, you don't need to purchase a phone line.

Starlink provide Satellite broadband.

4G Mobile

Mobile broadband uses the mobile network to connect you to the internet.

You don't need a phone line in order to have this type of broadband.

Manx Telecom and Sure provide 4G Mobile broadband.

Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed wireless access provides broadband using radio links between two fixed points.

It provides internet access without relying on physical connections like cables, so you don't need a phone line. 

BlueWave Communications, and Opti-fi provide Fixed Wireless access broadband. 

Please Note:

Before you purchase a broadband package we recommend contacting your chosen service provider to discuss your options as not all of the broadband options mentioned above will be available across the Island.