Complain About A Broadcast Item

The Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority has responsibility for licencing local radio stations and ensuring that they adhere to the licence conditions and the Authority’s Broadcasting Codes. If your complaint is in relation to an off island broadcaster, please contact them directly.

If your complaint refers to a programme broadcast on a local radio station the relevant code can be found here: You can access the code using this link

All licensed radio stations on the Island must comply with the Authority's Code on Advertising and Sponsorship: You can access the code using this link.

If you have a complaint regarding the content of a broadcast item, in most instances, complaints should be raised directly with the Broadcaster in question. However, if you are dissatisfied with their response, you can then raise the matter with the Authority. Complaints should, if at all possible, be submitted within 21 days of the item being broadcast.

All complaints should include sufficient detail about the matter being complained about.

Specifically, complaints should include:

  • the name or title of the programme or advert complained about;
  • the date and time of the programme or advert;
  • the station on which it was broadcast;
  • the nature of the complaint and (where possible) the particular parts of the programme or advert complained about;
  • details of the complaint submitted to the relevant broadcaster; and
  • contact details so we can get back in touch with you.

Upon receipt of a complaint, we will consider the complaint under the relevant Code and will usually liaise with the Broadcaster involved. Consideration will be given to both sides of the complaint.

The Broadcaster would be expected to submit a written response in relation to the complaint to the Authority within ten days of receipt of notification of the complaint from us.

You should be aware that if an investigation takes place, it may be necessary to contact you and you may be asked for additional information. If a response is not received to the request for additional information within 14 days, we may take this to mean that you no longer wish to pursue your complaint and the complaint may therefore be closed.

We endeavour to have any complaint resolved with 28 days of receipt and will inform you of the outcome of the complaint.

Licensees are obliged to report to the Authority on how they deal with complaints from the public which they receive directly. We take all complaints seriously and, where we feel  a complaint to be justified, will take action with the licensee concerned.

If the Complainant or Broadcaster disagrees with any actions arising from the complaint, they can submit an appeal against the decision within 14 days of receipt of notification. The appeal will be considered by the Members of the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority and their decision will be final.