Switching Landline Telephone Provider

You can switch your landline service provider between any of the local service providers offering this service and keep your phone number.

You cannot port your Manx phone number (beginning 01624) to an off island service provider. This is because the numbers must remain with on-Island service providers in order to retain 6 digit geographic dialling.


Prior to cancelling your contract, ensure that you are not still within your contract period as you could face early termination charges.

In addition, check that there are no outstanding payments as your current provider will probably want you to repay this before you switch.

In order to switch, you should visit the store of your chosen new provider and let them know that you are looking to switch provider. There will be some security checks, so it is helpful to bring along ID and proof of address. A sales person should help you to complete and sign a porting form.

Once complete, you will be provided with a code. Dial 190 (using any phone) and enter the phone number you are porting, plus the code, when prompted.

This will confirm the switch request and your services should then be transferred to your new provider within 5 days.

Once the switching process is underway, you can’t cancel it, and normally you can’t port your number again for 60 days after your number has been ported. However, there is a “cooling off” period of 14 days following a switch so that you can switch back if you change your mind.