Switching Mobile Provider

You can switch your mobile service between Manx Telecom and Sure free of charge and you can even keep the same phone number.

You cannot port your Manx phone number (beginning 07624) to an off island service provider. This is because the numbers must remain with on-Island service providers in order to retain 6 digit geographic dialling.



Prior to cancelling your contract, ensure that you are not still within your contract period as you could face early termination charges.

In addition, check that there are no outstanding payments (such as for a handset), as your current mobile provider will probably want you to repay this before you switch.

It's important to note that you should not feel pressured to remain with your current mobile provider if you inform them that you are switching provider.

  1. You will need to go in the store of your new chosen mobile provider and inform them that you wish to switch your service to them.
  2. You should take your phone with you. You will also need proof of identity (passport or driving licence), plus the most recent bill you have received from your current provider – or if you prefer and have an online account, you can go online and show this to the sales agent in the store.
  3. The new service provider will help you to complete a request form in store. Once this is complete, you will be asked to text the word “PORT” to 12345. You will receive a text in return to confirm that your request has been received.
  4. Provided your number is not barred or suspended due to non-payment, your order will be processed and you will be informed of its progress by e-mail and SMS.
  5. You will receive a new SIM card from your new provider by post.
  6. Your number will be ported from your old to new provider quickly, often within minutes. You will not be able to make or receive calls on your old ‘phone when this happens.
  7. Once your old SIM stops working, put the new SIM card in your ‘phone to get your new service up and running.


It's important to note that once the switching process is underway, you can’t cancel it, and normally you can’t port your number again for 60 days after your number has been ported. However, there is a “cooling off” period of 14 days following a switch so that you can switch back if you change your mind.

You will lose any contact details saved on your old SIM card, so make sure you transfer these onto your phone prior to carrying out the switch.

You will lose any voicemails currently stored in your mailbox when you switch as you are changing provider.