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33/22 Information Notice: Draft Licences Granted Under Section 17 of the Communications Act 2021 PDF 564.2KB Industry
32/22 Annual Work Plan 2022-23 PDF 1.4MB Consumer Industry
31/22 Response To Call For Representations Electronic Communications Licences Communications Act 2021 PDF 1.2MB Industry
30/22 Market Statistics Report Q4 2021 PDF 3.5MB Industry
29/22 Market Statistics Report Q3 2021 PDF 3.4MB Industry
28/22 Market Statistics Report Q2 2021 PDF 3.5MB Industry
27/22 Information Notice: Multi-Band Licence Award PDF 593.2KB Industry
26/22 Multi Band Spectrum Award 3.6 Ghz Assignment Documentation PDF 2.8MB Industry
25/22 Information Notice: Gas Tariff Review Outcome PDF 363.6KB Consumer Industry
24/22 Information Notice: Margin Squeeze Guidelines and Telecoms WACC Seminar PDF 849.5KB Industry