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08/22 Telecoms WACC Consultation PDF 1.6MB Industry
07/22 Information Notice: Gas Tariff Review PDF 361.5KB Consumer Industry
06/22 Annual Gas Regulation Report 2021 PDF 3MB Consumer Industry
05/22 Information Notice: Clarification On Application Bidding Form Completion In The Upcoming Spectrum Awards PDF 488.9KB Industry
03/22 Response To Consultation on Multi-Band Spectrum Award Information Memorandum_Annex 3_Application Forms PDF 1.7MB Industry
02/22 Information Notice: Clarification on Deposit Payments for Multi-Band Spectrum Award PDF 147.1KB Industry
01/22 Spectrum Roadmap (R3) PDF 718.1KB Industry
46/21 Information Notice: Gas Tariff Review Decision PDF 412KB Consumer Industry
45/21 Information Notice: Clarification of Provisions for Review of Gas Tariffs PDF 550.1KB Consumer Industry
44/21 Information Notice: Clarification On Supplementary Bids and Pricing Rule in the Upcoming Spectrum Licence Award PDF 615.9KB Industry