Market Reviews

A market review is a process which allows for effective regulation, by considering which products and services belong in a market together, whether that market is competitive, whether there are dominant players with Significant Market Power (SMP) and whether there are regulatory remedies required to make it more competitive.

SMP merely identifies that the provider has and will have sufficient market power (and therefore the ability) to behave to an appreciable extent, independently of its competitors, its customers and ultimately consumers.

With ex ante regulation, if an operator has SMP, it does not mean that it has done anything wrong, or that it has been abusing its market power. Instead, the focus is on whether, that operator could, if it chose to, do something to abuse its market power.

The Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority (the Authority) recently undertook its second round of market reviews (the first round completed in 2012). 

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Please see below for the Fixed and Mobile Market Decisions which were implemented on 1st January 2020.